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The Effect That Media Has On Teens

            I have found that over the course of my teenage life, the media has tried so much to seduce me into thinking I need to follow this world’s standards. I found that the more and more I would give in, the more and more I was falling away from Christ. The secular media is very much overrated. It is one of the major tools that Satan uses in his attempt to capture and ensnare the lives of the teens in this world. It is happening everyday and most don’t even know that they are drowning and delusioned into the thought that doing whatever you want is ok. The Bible says, in Romans, that we need to live pure…I think I will abide by that standard.


What do you think?


15 Responses to “The Effect That Media Has On Teens”

  1. I agree. Most secular media = bad. But that doesn’t mean that ALL of it is…

  2. ya, you right i agree…not all of it is bad but i am talking mainly about tv stations like MTv and so on…

  3. c’mon Pimp My Ride! :p

    i blocked Mtv because mostly its all trash now lol…

  4. I agree, it’s hard being totally sold out for Christ “But worth It”. The things that look good on the outside that the world has to offer are really an abomination in the eyes of the Consuming Fire.

  5. Yup yup yup…the media is an interesting thing and I wish so much that it had more of a Christ like attitude. Maybe some day someone will be able to change that.

    By-the-way Deeper…I like the site…pretty sweet.

    ~A.J~(lemons are sour!! on CTF)

  6. Thanks for the compliment. I decided to start this site for Those who wish to discuss, wholy, topics that take up the minority of the problems with “cozy Christianity” and this world…

    i made the logo and design myself however, this site is a premade site from wordpress…but the design you see in the header is my original design…


  7. By the way, it’s *e*ffect, not *a*ffect.

    Excellence in everything.

  8. Thank you for letting me know, i am 17 and some times spelling errors accur.

    you got the point though?

  9. RJD:
    How kind of you to correct this dear soul on his spelling!

  10. I have found that as a mom of seven, I bring in the morality to the home. What I allow or don’t allow influences my husband, myself and my children. It is time for the moms to stand up for what is right according to the Scriptures. We also have been influenced greatly by the media. I agree that the media is not all bad but the majority of it is. It has influenced us to follow our selves not the Word of God. We are to be helpers, designed before we were created, not hinderers. Genesis 2:18.

  11. Hey All-

    I definately agree that media has a negative effect on all people, including christians. How can we confess to be a christian, and yet indulge in entertainment full of things He hates? Whatever happened to loving what God loves, and hating what God hates?? That’s my rant…Ciao

  12. good post thanks.

  13. How can you say that the media is influencing us when noone even reads the bible anymore. Its just a load of crap that old people wrote while they were going cenial long live the media and everything that goes with it.
    I am the devil, and i am here to do the devils work

  14. Actually I am 18 years old and the creator of PFF. I read my word everyday.

    You may be here to do the devil’s work, but you are surely going to loose, as my God is stronger than any tool of Satan, then any miss fortunate pawn he is attempting to use to destroy the work of the only true God, the Messiah who is Jesus Christ the Lord of this earth whom one day you will be standing in front of giving an account for everything you’ve done that has transgressed the commands of God.

    In Him,

  15. I guess by media you guys are talking about the mass media, so here’s my two cents
    I think you are going a little over the top here, I don’t think the media is a tool of evil for evil’s sake, I think its just a misused medium, the main problem is that it is used to make money so its interests are compromised also the many lazy, untalented people in the industry force the standards down, it much harder to make a thought provoking and transitory piece then it is to make a violent, mindless show about drugs and doom and hell the violent one will probably get higher ratings, anyhow although I may not share the same view as you guys I think we can all agree that god is love and if you approach a piece with love in you heart and no greed in your head you can make media that makes this world a better place.

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