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Church Arts Director: “Knocked up is a Great Movie!”

Slice of Laodicea just sited that a Church Arts Director of Community Christian Church said this about a Movie that has over 113 “F” words, over 30 uses of God’s name in vein and over 5 pages of sexual content printed out:

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Eric Bramlett; CCC Church Creative Arts Director

Kristi and I saw “Knocked Up” this week, and I loved it. What a funny movie. And it was interesting from a lot of different angles.

First of all, it was very well written – and definitely deserved the “R” rating it received. It painted a very reallistic and funny portrait of the journey of pregnancy for a first time mom and dad. Yes, it’s true – the pregnancy came from a non-married, one-night-stand situation. We’ll all pretend that that doesn’t really happen, and get over it. The interesting thing to me was how the characters felt compelled to “make the situation right.” He proposed to make her an “honest woman.” And they both worked very hard to get along with each other in hopes of being able to be together as a couple “for the best interest of the baby.” I found those arcs of the story actually uplifting. Oh, and she also decided not to have an abortion, which is probably obvious given the arc of the story, but still is worth mentioning.

The other dynamic the film explores is married-with-children life. That was very funny. The husband is suspected of cheating, but when exposed, he has been found guilty of playing fantasy baseball, and going to see movies by himself “just to get away” from the chaos his life has become. His rant about marriage was priceless. He said “Marriage is like every episode of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’: all the same problems, but it’s not funny. It’s painful, without any of the funny quips and retorts.” I thought that was hysterical.

I also enjoyed the scene where the “older” sister and the pregnant girl try to get into a club as a couple of hotties and are turned away. The monologue of the tortured bouncer was priceless.

The other observation I had was regarding the God factor. It’s funny – the movie had no major deliberate spiritual content. The whole time, as a creative type, I’m thinking “would it even be possible to make a film like this from a “christian world view?” It was funny – I was thinking that at one level, there would be no way. The reality of the situations that demand the “R” rating would keep the Christianese types from ever being “real” with the topic.

And yet, when it came to the climactic childbirth scene, it was clear to me that God could not be removed from the story. Childbirth is the closest thing we have to pure God-like creation, and it brings healing to relationships (even if only momentary) in a way that can only be described as God-inspired. Even though the film gave no time to God in dialogue, they couldn’t eliminate him from the proceedings. Even in a foul-mouthed, morally questionable comedy. I liked that a lot. There is nothing more crazy and awesome than having a baby, and I think God knows that. I mean, think about how crazy and awesome the Nativity Story is.

I guess I’ll have to check out that movie now and see if God showed up in it as well.

     This is an outrage! from the Christian community and stand point, we shouold be standing for all things pure, holy, godly, and un-worldly. The Movie Knocked Up Contains such bad content i will not list it here but you may view it at


3 Responses to “Church Arts Director: “Knocked up is a Great Movie!””

  1. This is very sad to me especially when this man is to influence young people and adults that this is even allowed. 1 Timothy 4:12-15. This is part of the reason for the apostate church. We as leaders are given the responsibility to lead people to Christ and live a holy life. It is a wonder that the wife of this man might want to consider why she would allow such a thing as this movie to influence her life. To be honest, maybe 15 years ago I would have watched it myself, sitting in the pews while living a corrupt life in my heart and my mind.

  2. Nice- The blind leading the blind…

  3. Yep, that’s how it works now i guess…

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