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Scandalous Nuns?!

Talk about your abnormal nun. here is a story that A little Leaven Published today about a few nuns have gone off the deep end.

::Some of the pictures could not be put on this site due to some graphic content::


Just a few extremely offensive pictures. Here’s what A Little Leaven had to say about it:

“”These photos are from a Mass celebrated for the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate on June 16, 2007, at 10:30 a.m. The presider was Father Charles Faso, O.F.M.

If they keep this up they will draw bigger crowds than the local protestant mega churches.””


2 Responses to “Scandalous Nuns?!”

  1. Yeah that’s ridiculous; I just don’t understand why any so called “Catholic church” would do that. It’s bad enough that the world has emergent churches which mislead the people from hearing the absolute truth… but now we are opening up a new chapter of ways to fall away from God. This is the lowest we have ever supped, bringing basically pornography into the church. Whether “Catholic or Christian.”

    You can now see that we are in the end times. We may not know the day or the hour but we can determine the seasons. 400 hundred years ago people were being killed for standing up for there faith against the Catholic Church. But now we are trying to get as for away from it as possible while still wanting to be called so “Christians”………This time period is called the Great Falling Away.

  2. I have recently had an experience with “Father Faso” of the Dancing Nuns Mass.
    He is extremely liberal. I attended a retreat where Father Faso was the presenter. He called me down for kneeling during mass. He said during his mass everyone is to stand during the “meal”. If you are a strong Catholic you will know that you don’t stand during the entire Eucharist but kneel before and after receiving the body and blood of Christ. During one mass at the retreat he roughly picked up myself and another lady who were praying at our seats after we took the Eucharist!!!!
    He encouraged people to dance during mass!!
    He also made fun of priests who do mass according to Papal instruction. He also told me that there is nothing “miraculous” happening during the Eucharist! As Catholics we believe the bread and wine is turned into the body and blood of Christ. I was ashamed to be at the retreat.

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