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Brian Houston: You Need More Money! (what!?)

I came across this astonishing book that, in its very nature, is completely unbiblical. We, as a Christian community should not try and reach a goal of having more money. We don’t need more money, our flesh wants it and this where the spirit of mammon is made manifest. Jesus says it clearly in Mathew 6:24: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

 Read what Stuart McGregor says about this book; by the end you will catch yourself with your mouth open:


3 Responses to “Brian Houston: You Need More Money! (what!?)”

  1. I read Stuart McGregor’s essay just the other day, and am glad that you advertise it here.

    I was on staff at Hillsong Church (where Brian is senior pastor) and am very concerned that this prosperity preaching continues (allbeit in a disguised manner).

    Read more about Brian Houston’s Hillsong from an insider at my blog.

  2. I went to Hillsong to see Brian speak last Sunday. Unlike other speakers, which I did actually likes, I was very much put off by the Brians speech and this is why….

    I often heard speakers mention their personal experiences like where they have travelled and what they have done. What I liked about their speeches is that there has always seemed to be a humorous side to it, and made me giggle. When I heard Brian speak last weekend, he talked about the exclusions and inclusions. He made a lot of examples, which all included expensive bars/ restraurants and exclusive clubs that he visited on his business trips and he was very open about it…He was obviously making a point and examples of exlusivessness (meaning exlusions) and inclusiveness of churches…Most certainly those examples were not Christ like at all and I started getting suspecious with all the marketing that they do (I work in marketing too, so I know how things work) – those perfectly designed “magazine-like” new testaments, they use social media very effectively, especially promoting iTunes podcasts, they website is updated daily, they organise days/nights out (like they did last Sunday) where they rent bar/club and sell what I though were VERY expensive drinks (and I work in Canary Wharf)…

    I still have not quite figured out whether it is a genuine thing, but they seems to charge for everything…I met people who struggle with paying bills, but pay the 10% to the church….It all gets me very suspecious…

  3. I certainly think none of you have got the point of the book!!! The Church of Jesus Christ DOES need more money!! Why? Well I have been involved in missions, micro-finance and development work in 3rd world nations for years and now in Australia and my conclusion is that poverty is a curse and millions of people are enslaved to it! The answer? The Church of Jesus Christ needs to rise up and meet the needs of this world. But you all seem to think it’s about prosperity for self, that Brian is talking about? I went to Hillsong for many years and never once heard about keeping wealth for myself it was always about being blessed to be a blessing to others!!! In fact I saw with my own eyes millions of dollars that they raised going to multitudes of missions and not-for-profit orgnizations around the world. I for one want to be a HUGE blessing to others and am greateful for the teaching i learnt at Hillsong for years, it certainly caused me to question why I had been a shrewd for years? I don’t expect you to add this comment to your website but would be nice if you added a positive response….hey Christians out there! GIVE to GOD and see your finances change for the positive! Bless ya all, you are meant to be Blessed to be a Blessing to others!!!

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