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Senate raises U.S. debt limit

::For more info on how the senate is raising it’s debt limit, click here::


4 Responses to “Senate raises U.S. debt limit”

  1. Man, wouldn’t it be awesome if private citizens could do this. I walk into a Best Buy to purchase a man-enhancing 1000inch plama tv and the sales person says “sorry sir, you have exceeded your credit limit” and I say, “no problem, ‘I hereby declare that my new limit is 1 million dollars’ There that should do it.” And then I walk out with my new TV.

    Of course, if we could do that society would completely crumble under its own debt in about 34 seconds. Hmmmm, is that a chunk of the Capital Building I see falling to the ground???


  2. Funny, I meant “Capitol” not “Capital” I’m a terable spelerrr.

  3. That’s funny man, but the sad reality of it all is that we set a “limit” just to make ourselves look good you know. they keep raising limit and we go more into debt you know?


  4. We need leaders with Economic Degrees

    It is time for a Changing of the Guard from Steven

    It is time for a changing of the guard. Gov. Blunt’s approval rating sits at a mere 41% statewide. Treasurer Sarah Steelman could bring a breath of fresh air to our state and its people. She received an Economics Degree from the University of Missouri. She served as an adjunct economics professor at Lincoln University and as an economist for the Missouri Department of Revenue. She speaks clearly and understands how to unify people in reaching goals. People are asked to look at

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