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Juanita ‘Bulldog’ Bynum is not the face of domestic violence!

Forgive me for risking being burned at the opinion stakes: Juanita Bynum is neither the new name nor face of domestic violence. Yes her bishop husband, Wilmington’s Thomas W. Weeks III, beat punched, choked and kicked and stabbed her two months ago. Thousands of other women around the world get the daylights beat out of them daily, down to this very second.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a multi-million dollar, book publishing, and preaching and prophesizing empire behind them.

This story topped the Internet’s search engine charts so quickly that AOL saw response hit 100,000 after the first day it broke.

But the marketing of this event, as if to retool a second wing of her career to more than likely pay off mammoth debts, is rightfully rubbing more than a few fellow church women, many who have been abused, the wrong way.

But these women are now being skewered in the blogosphere for saying,”Hey wait a minute here! When did a self-professing ‘bulldog’ become the face of the personal hell we’ve endured for years?”

As these women are being pilfered for being “judgmental” they wonder why Bynum supporters cite Jesus’ warning against judging others, but don’t go on to the next several versus that say you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears.

And there has been plenty of fruit. A wedding party of 80, 1,000 guests, a 12-piece orchestra a 7.76-carat diamond ring. The black-tie event cost “more than a million,” the bride said. Flowers were flown in from around the world. “My dress,” she says, “took nine months to make.” The headpiece was sterling silver.

What’s most troubling are reports of video tapes where the “prophetess” alludes to physical violence that was mutual.

It’s interesting that another televangelist, Creflo Dollar –the last name literally characterizes his millions — sounded more like Steve Harvey of morning talk radio who’s been telling women for the last year or so to “get yourself a real man” to go pay the “him” who’s doing the beating a visit.

But most women who are being terrorized don’t have access to a strong henchman. These women in the pew, like secular domestic violence counselors, and quite a bit of learned-ordained women, are right to mutter “physician go heal thyself first.”

Bynum is concerned that her followers will view her as a damsel in distress. She wants to be their example of how to overcome. If the cruelty, as she alleges has been ongoing throughout the marriage, it takes more than a minute to get over it and become a poster child for domestic violence.

That’s because no one face can define such a hard-core evil.

The same is true for women who survive, like the women who captivated the audience at The Fund For Women’s celebration of philanthropy in Delaware on Tuesday.

Like Bynum, she had two long-term relationships with men who beat her religiously. However, this woman used a serious drug habit to compensate for years.

Now at 39 she is a recent graduate of the YWCA’s Home-Life Management Center that provided her with what hiding out in the network of 30-day shelters lacked. For nearly four years, she got a stable address, a staple for consideration on any employment application.

She also got basic job training and help with financing her education. She kept apologizing for trying not to cry at how grateful she was that the YWCA program was a safe-haven that rescued her not just from domestic violence but gave her self-sufficiency.

She even told the audience she had the confidence — not arrogance — to proclaim that others should follow her example.

“I mean I wouldn’t have said this to anybody five years ago.”



11 Responses to “Juanita ‘Bulldog’ Bynum is not the face of domestic violence!”

  1. Amen Sister! I too am a survivor of Domestic Violence… 14 years ago I shot and killed my abuser of 15 years … it has taken me 14 years of healing!!!!

    I too am an ordained minister … and ever penny that I ever get my hands on goes to help those in need! We run a food pantry which feeds struggling mothers and those fleeing abusers, a thrift store which clothes and furnishes them, and an outreach that helps get them off of the streets. God blesses us continually ! If we were had the money she spent on her wedding alone, there would be 1000 women in a new start … sitting at the feet of Jesus … His glory would shine … unlike Ms. Bynum!

    I too am appauled at Ms. Bynum’s arrogance … how dare she proclaim herself the new face of Domestic Violence!

    Though I feel for all women in abusive situations … she clearly speaks as if she understands our plight … so let her prove it by giving back … unfortunately she won’t … she will surley do as you have said … start her new ministry …. she will further rape those who are looking for help .. hoping she is the answer as she claims to be the NEW FACE …. Beware people .. the Word tells us to watch out for those speaking of a NEW WAY …. Abuse is not new …. If we will let Him … He will be our Champion! Jesus is the Face of Hope for all Women in crisis! His Face is the only Face to bring Peace and Hope …at His feet is the only place to find Healing!

    There are places and sisters out there who truly understand your pain … look for them … let them help you! It is wonderful on the other side … waking up each day … knowing that your day will be what you make of it … no more worrying about will he be Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde … true Peace.

  2. Just to clear something up for the person who posted this blog….. Bishop Weeks did not stab Prophtess Weeks…. Also how do you know that he beat her and stomped her ??? Where you there?? As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t just believe one side of the story… For all we know the so called witness … Could have been paid to say that he saw Bishop Weeks beat his wife… We do not know the whole story….

    With all of that said they both are still human and fail… So we should treat them with the same level of forgiveness we ourselves require…. The bible teaches that there is nothing new under the sun…. So if Christ died for the abused then he died for the abuser…

    I just pray that they they are both given a another chance because they are both anointed vessels…

    And they both equally have gifts and talents that the body of Christ can benefit from…

    Be Blessed..

  3. I know he didn’t stab her and that’s why this case is a big deal, however, the original site i took this from can be found here. It was written by Rhonda B. Graham.

    I am not supporting Junita Bynum at all, so please read the full article before posting.

    In Him,

  4. Good Morning,

    I have just watched this situation to see how far it will go. Now that Reverend Bynum wants to be the poster woman for domestic violence I say let her. She will soon learn the true politics of this issue and what her preacher husband did to her will only be child’s play.

    Many of us who face abuse daily either directly or as advocates for others know the real deal behine the lack of bed space, lack of funding for programs that don’t fit a particular agenda.

    She will soon see that she will need all of the mercy of the Lord when working with victims, survivors and the politics in this city around domestic abuse.

    Do not be surprised if Bishop Weeks will be portrayed as the emotionally abused husband of Revered Bynum.

    I am not hating on her due to I am Muslim so whatever she does in her world has no impact on me. If she is going to join the Domestic Violence movement she will need to learn how to connect with those of us who have been in the trenches all along.

    My prayers go out to her due to it is never easy being a victim and I know it must be very difficult for her having to keep up the public face and try to heal.

    Just my two cents worth.

    Hadayai Majeed
    Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.

  5. I understand that Juanita Bynum wants to help in her own way in bringing attention to a already heated issue among many of us. Yes, she will see that the cause of DVIS is greater then what she may have previously thought to engage in. If she wanted to take on this issue because she has been a victim of D. V. , that is a good thing. I’m not mad at her. I hope that her efforts will help not just the woman view point, but the view point of all the men who may have been a victim of D. V. as well. The previous writer stated so clearly there is two side to every story.

    Lizette Hopkins
    Eyes of Eagles Foundation

  6. Please believe that if any victim of domestic violence
    has the financial means that Juanita Bynum has they are half way home , God gives us common sense, couple that with her money, she can pay for counseling, relocation, self sufficiency and sill be rich to continue helping herself cause prayer is free if we look to GOD and stop lining the pockets of ministers and giving to or opening homes,jobs,vehicles, our hearts to the victims void of what it takes to leave their situation then we have truly done what needs to be .

  7. I am astounded at the hoopla of this situation with ms.bynum!!!, first of all you have to have “GONE THROUGH” something in order to be of ANY help to anyone!, when is she going to take time to heal?!, there is NO WAY you can help ANYONE in ANY situation wihout coming OUT of the situation and have been VICTORIOUS in your RECOVERY in such a tramtic thing!, being an abused child for years, it took me a GREAT,GREAT,GREAT, deal of time to RECOVER AND HEAL!!!, YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!, JUANITA!!!!, SLOW YOUR ROLL!!!!

  8. In response to Nikki R.: wake up and smell the false teachers, sister girl! First of all, Bynum (who from this point on will be referred to as Junie B) is a money-hungry, self serving, lying, wanna-be “prophetess”! She has no business in the pulpit according to 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Corinthians 14:34. That’s the first thing. Second of all, she does not even use the scripture as the basis for her sermons. (I know, because I have listened to her on tv and have seen her live at conferences.) Thirdly, she is defying scripture by filing for divorce from her husband (because you do know that God hates divorce, right?). Romans 7:3 says that if she married another man while her husband is alive (which she has already done), then she shall be called an adultress. Her husband has stated publicly that he wanted to reconcile the marriage, which I am sure equates to his wanting to ask for her forgiveness, and if you have studied anything in the scriptures about forgiveness, you will know that if he asks her for it and she denies him forgiveness, then she is in sin. Matthew, Mark, Luke, Ephesians, and Colossians all say that if we forgive, our Father Who is in heaven will forgive us. And last, but certainly not least, how is she going to say that SHE is the face of domestic violence? As far as the public knows, this incident in the parking lot of that hotel was a one time event. How about the millions of women in this country who have suffered YEARS of abuse from their husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, etc? How about the women who have barely escaped these relationships with their lives and their childrens’ lives? How about the ones who have felt like they had to stay because they did not have millions of dollars sitting in the bank to finance their being on television and hiring bodyguards and security and moving from the mansion with the husband to a mansion of their own? THOSE women are the faces of domestic violence, and though I have never been in an abusive marriage, I am insulted for those women that Junie B. would make herself out to be the FACE of domestic violence. I do not condone violence against women, and what Thomas Weeks, (who will, from this point on, be referred to as Harpo) did to Junie B. was deplorable. But my question to all of the Junie B. supporters is this: do you know what she may have said to him that made him snap? Obviously, he did not go to a public hotel to BEAT HER! He says that he got up and walked out of the hotel, and the news reports say that she followed him. Now, had she let him go and not followed him out, who’s to say what this discussion would be about right now? He may never have laid a hand on her if she had not followed him out, and you never know what she was saying as they were leaving that hotel!!! She could have been telling him things like “I made you!” and “You are not a REAL man!” I am sure that after having lived with a big mouth like Junie B.’s for 5 years, Harpo was sick of it, and he just snapped! We know it happens! Moses snapped when the children of Israel started worshipping a calf while he was up on the mountain getting the commandments from God! He snapped when they kept on harrassing him and God told him to speak to the rock and he struck it…there are many other examples I could give, but my point is that we do not know that this woman has been abused constantly for 5 years. Rumors have circulated; there is a lot of speculation but the bottom line is this: if they are going to be “up front” in the Christian community (and I mean on TV, having conferences, on the internet, etc.), then they need to behave like Christians! They need to 1)talk, 2)apologize and forgive each other, 3)get counselling, (which I am sure Junie B. would not agree to since she thinks that she is above everyone and everything!), and 4)get out of the pulpit and concern themselves with their marriage instead of trying to mislead God’s people.
    My heart hurts for the Christian community. This does not look good for us. The world is looking at us and they are saying that is why they will not become part of the body of Christ, because Christians behave so badly. They are saying that is why they will not get married, but they will keep living together because they do not want all the drama associated with marriage. This looks bad for us, saints, and we need to wake up and smell the false teachers!!!!

  9. I believe to many people have become mislead by the prosperity ministry. When her tapes came out, God spoke clearly to me and said. Get rid of that, its false teaching. Every time someone would bring me a book, or tape of hers I could not receive it. It is very sad to see so many who have made her a god. If you just look at her video’s her face doe’s not reflect Christ, but appears to transformed into a man, then when she speaks or calls herself preaching it doe’s not line up with the scriptures. Everyone was so in awe of her. First I thought maybe it’s me, but the Holy Ghost kept me rooted by the word. Fellow sisters’ in the Lord would say oh you’re just jealous, and wish you had her money and her anointing. Did they forget that Satan I also has an anointing. That’s why the scriptures say he will come like a spirit of light. I am so glad God is revealing and uncovering the false prophets and all those that are just milking the poor people. The word said blessed is he who considers the poor. They don’t care about poor people; just make sure the tithes are coming in to continue the lavish life styles they gotten accustom to. I also raised the question, why would she follow him to the parking lot, to provoke him to react for a new money making cause. Well what is done in the dark will come to light. Thank Jesus for turning on the light. What about raising money for the Jena 6 support. What doe’s she needed with a house she can not afford? I am so thankful they never got one penny of my money. There are others that God is turning a light on for people to open their eyes and see. If they would do as the scripture says to study, then maybe they would be so easily persuaded. No one knows what Bishop Weeks went through in those years of marriage, but I am sure it could not have been easy. READ YOUR WORD.

  10. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that forum who told me to go to your blog 🙂

  11. hehe. This is very ironic. basically explains it all.

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