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Middle school students caught in sex act in class

HOUSTONSome parents in Fort Bend County are outraged after their children said they witnessed a pair of eighth-graders engaged in a sex act, right in the middle of class.

Parents told KPRC Local 2 that they received the unsettling news about an incident at Crockett Middle School in a letter that went home on Friday.

“My mouth flew open when you told me just a few minutes ago,” Lubergha Munson said. “I didn’t expect you to say anything like that. I thought you were going to say they were fighting or something.”

The principal reported that the students, a boy and a girl, made inappropriate sexual contact with each other while other students watched.

That was a shock for Tom Ray, who has a 14-year-old daughter.

“To me there are a host of problems and I think it starts at home,” Ray said.

In the letter, Principal Corliss Rogers said that there was an investigation and that both students received appropriate disciplinary action.

The letter does not say where the teacher was at the time.

However, some concerned parents told the station that their children said the sex act happened once the teacher stepped out of the classroom.

“I think there should be more supervision. If that’s the case and they have enough time to do such things, obviously there’s not people there to supervise them,” Crockett parent Gerry Banez said. “That’s real disheartening.”

What’s also disheartening for some parents was the amount of time it took for the information to get to them. It’s been more than a week since the incident happened.

“I would expect the parent to at least have a call from the principal if not the day at least the next morning. I don’t believe there’s any excuse why that wouldn’t happen,” Ray said.

Still, some parents said it all boils down to a lack of respect.

“No respect for authority, no respect for themselves, (and) not for the other kids in the classroom,” Munson said.

Campus and district counselors have talked with the students who were in the class and will be available in the future if those students need to talk.

By Carl Willis


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