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Theologian Says Bible Does Not Condemn Gays

An evangelical theologian is visiting several churches this fall refuting the common Christian interpretation of the Bible that Jesus and Scripture opposes homosexuality. ::Read More::


I came across this article on and I found it to be highly informative. Today’s culture, and me being as young as I am, 18, saw the need to start a Pure Faith Forum in which teens and the like can come on and post about being pure. The article being posted, however, only shows the degradation of the church as a whole. It shows how we as a church and body of Christ can pervert scripture to make it “culture-relevant.” We as Christians have , in fact, a higher calling on our lives, not to be poisoned by this world’s influences, but rather set apart, walking in the Spirit, discerning the times, testing the spirits, and acquiring the Holy Spirit so that we may accurately understand the mysteries of scripture, as scripture reads. This is a sad state, one of which I don’t believe we will be leaving, but God, as He says, in the end, will out pour His Holy Spirit on the true followers of Christ.


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