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Red Hot Sex!

I came across an interesting video, something of which I thought you should watch. I do not agree with the tactics used y this Church, as he did state “no one would have shown up” if the flyer said “holy marriage life” or what have you. I do, however, find it very awesome (for lack of a better word) that he realized that what he did was wrong.

::Watch Video::


6 Responses to “Red Hot Sex!”

  1. I find it odd that some branches of Christianity are so scared of the word “sex” and all that it entails. Are we still so unenlightened that we think our children will see something like “Red Hot Sex” and run out and hire a prostitute, or worse, have sex with someone with a contraceptive (gasp!).

  2. Hm, I find your reply most interesting. You should know that the parents want to protect their children and we must realize it’s their children not mine, not yours. I am a Pastor’s son, and if my father did that, well I am sure he wouldn’t, but if he did, there would be many problems in our family. All he wanted was attendance not the Word of God to be spoken. He compromised his message because of attendance. He wanted numbers verses change and quality. I hope, in all honesty and sincerity that he doesn’t try and be someone he’s not. He doesn’t have to do what all the other emergent churches are doing, seeking an audience of thousands verses ONE, which is Christ.

    In Him,

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